The new version of Authing has been released on 2020-09-17, and its performance has improved by leaps and bounds. Consulting Tel: 177-7787-6180
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Authing is leading cloud-based identity infrastructure in China, providing enterprises and developers with fast and secure authentication and access management solution. Its cross-platform, serverless authentication and authorization cloud platform empowers enterprises to achieve tens of millions of external users, tens of thousands of employees, thousands of SaaS and billions of IoT devices managed in a secure and reliable manner. Millions of people have been certified on the Authing platform every month since 2020 and is growing at a rapid pace. Its developer users are located in more than thirty countries around the world, with customers covering education, government, finance, manufacturing and other fields. The Authing team comes from IBM, Alibaba Cloud, ByteDance, Didi Dache, iQiyi, Motorola and other leading companies in the industry.

Authing key features include: Single Sign-On, User Analytics, Swipe Sign-On, Multi-Factor Authentication, Behavioral Auditing, Risk Management, Cross-platform Device Management, IoT Authentication, etc.; compatible with various international standard protocols: OAuth2.0, OIDC, SAML, AD/ LDAP, WS-Fed, JWT, etc.; there is also Pipeline for function-based computing that extends Authing capabilities without limit. Authing supports cloud delivery and private deployment methods to help enterprises and developers enhance productivity a thousandfold.

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