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Monthly paymentAnnual payment
Subscription for one year is free of charge for two months. Unlike other vendors, authing charges only MAUs
¥ 169/month
1,000 MAUs
Unlimited Social Connections
Up to 3 Days Log Retention
User Management Dashboard
Role and Access Management
Customizable sign-in widgets, domains, email
Developer Pro
¥ 999/month
500 MAUs
2 Enterprise Connections
Up to 10 Days Log Retention
Unlimited Social Connections
Employee Identity
Delegated Admin
Basic Multi-factor Authentication
Private Cloud Service(Add-on)
Workforce Single Sign-On Integration
Service level agreement SLA
¥ 2,999/month
200 MAUs
Unlimited Social Connections
Up to 30 Days Log Retention
Unlimited Social Connections
Private Cloud Service
Workforce Single Sign-On Integration
Single Sign On Launchpad
Service level agreement SLA
Response in 30 Minutes
Custom Development Support Engineer
Phone / Meeting Support
Training / Support Engineer
Customer Support Manager
Build or Buy: an assessment guide for identity management
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Functional Comparison
DeveloperDeveloper ProEnterprise
Customer Identity
Up to 50K MAUsUp to 50K MAUsAs many as you need
Social Connections
Employee Identity
Up to 50K employeesAs many as you need
Enterprise Connections
2 connectionsUnlimited
User Management
Log Retention
Up to 3 DaysUp to 10 DaysUp to 30 Days
User Management Dashboard
Role and Access Management
Delegated Admin
SMS One-time Passwords
Free 300 SMS Messages / month, Add-On 0.079 RMB / message Free 1,500 SMS Messages / month, Add-On 0.079 RMB / message Free 12,000 SMS Messages / month, Add-On 0.079 RMB / message
Basic Multi-factor Authentication
Enterprise Personalization
Customizable sign-in widgets, domains and email templates
Email Customizations
Private Cloud Service (annual contract required)
Add-on (29,999 RMB/yr)Included
Workforce Single Sign-On Integration
Custom Development Support Engineer
799 RMB/man-hour20% Discount
Single Sign On Launchpad
Enterprise Support
Support Availability
Customer Support
Response in 24 HoursResponse in 1 HourResponse in 30 Minutes
WeChat/Slack Support
Training / Support Engineer
699 RMB/man-hour20% Discount
Phone / Meeting Support
Customer Support Manager
1 Manager
Common Problem
We're here to explain everything you might want to know. Let's help!
How do I choose Authing technology?
How do I choose Authing technology? Please choose the technology you want to use according to your specific situation. Before you start, we recommend that you read this article:Why should all software use single sign-on to manage users?
How to choose the authentication method?
If you do not understand the standard protocols such as OAuth, OIDC, SAML, LDAP and so on, and the application security requirements are not high, it is recommended to use common authentication; if your application security requirements are high, whether you understand the standard protocol or not, please use the standard protocol authentication.
What is Authing?
Authing provides professional authentication and authorization services. We provide developers and businesses with authentication modules needed to secure their applications, which eliminates the need for developers to become security experts. You can connect the application of any platform to Authing (whether it is a newly developed application or an old application), and you can also customize the login method of the application (such as email/password, SMS / verification code, scanning code, etc.). You can choose our SDK or call relevant API to access your application according to the technology you use. When a user initiates an authorization request, Authing will help you authenticate their identity and return the necessary user information to your application.
Why use Authing?
Here are some usage scenarios of Authing:
  • You want to develop a cool program, and you want to add user authentication and authorization. You want your users to use WeChat and GitHub to log in. At the same time, you also want to track the user's registration source and activity data, so that you can make subsequent user growth.
  • You have made an API, and you hope to use the OAuth 2.0 protocol to ensure the security of the API.
  • You have made a lot of applications, and you hope that the user data of these applications can be communicated through single sign-on.
  • You have made a JavaScript front-end application and a mobile application, and you hope that both client applications can access your API safely.
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