The new version of Authing has been released on 2020-09-17, and its performance has improved by leaps and bounds. Consulting Tel: 177-7787-6180
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Node.js Engineer
Participate in the design and implementation of the front-end and back-end infrastructure of the company's external products, and provide stable and reliable services; be responsible for the design and implementation of the front-end and back-end...
3-5 years / undergraduateapply >
WPF Senior Development Engineer
Responsible for WPF technology-based product project architecture design, development, testing, integration, etc.; responsible for business logic process design and document writing;
3-5 years / undergraduateapply >
Customer Success Manager
Responsible for the management of the implementation and delivery of major customers; understand customer needs, dispatch the company's internal resources to promote the completion of the entire project on time and with high quality;
3-5 years / undergraduateapply >
Web Full Stack Engineer
Participate in customer demand research, system design and architecture work for the company's mid-station project; complete the development, testing and deployment of various modules;
3-5 years / undergraduateapply >
Data and privacy security compliance engineer
Apply for information security related qualifications for our IDaaS related products, provide compliance support, and conduct data security, personal...
3-5 years / undergraduateapply >